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Idea Donation
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Got a good idea but can't do it yourself? Donate it!
Have you ever had a good idea for something, or seen a good idea for something, and though you haven't been able to do it yourself, you wish someone would? Or you'd like to discuss the possibilities?

You can donate those ideas here. Or adopt an idea.

Here's how it works. You make a post with your idea in it. And if someone likes it, they may take it and go and do it! You can help change the world, even if you're not able to physically follow through with your idea yourself! These ideas can be big or small.

If you see an idea that you like, tell us! And then go and do it, if you can. More than one person can take an idea, because let's face it, we all do things differently, and, it's possible that most people who take the idea won't actually do anything with it.

Remember though: If you DO want to follow through with it, it might be a good idea not to post it on this comm, as someone may get to it before you do. Once you post them here, it's not like you *can't* follow through with it, but just be aware that it's no longer a secret. We hold no responsibility for ideas that are taken once donated.

Also remember that more than one person can use an idea. So if you take an idea for a fantastic novel plot, just remember that you got it from somewhere public and they could end up 'beating' you to it. However, that does actually happen all the time anyway, and I'm sure you'll make it 'your own'.

Make sure to comment about other people's ideas! Even if you're not doing them.

And if you want to update us on ideas that you've had, go for it! It can also be a not original idea, for example... something to do in the classroom if you're a teacher. If it's not your own original idea, but one you want to share, please tell us that.

Here are some suggestions about ideas: A book plot, or a world building thing or an idea for a character. An invention or innovation. A way you think society could be run. An idea for a new community on livejournal or a website. etc. It's up to you!

You can also request ideas. But please, DONATE before you REQUEST.

If you think this comm is a good idea, pass the link on!