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Comic Idea Request

I help run a joint webcomic, and it's really quiet. I want to practice drawing as well.
But I'm blank on ideas. They need to be one shots, as there's no plot. And they also can't be *too* hard to draw.
Does anyone have any webcomic ideas to donate?


From The Advertiser

'Bag Option', The Advertiser, Monday, July 7, 2008, page 17.

Some years ago, supermarkets conducted trial runs of biodegradable plastic bags. The trials were stopped when it was reported that the bags would cost 20 c each. As charging 20c a bag is one of the future options, why not bring back the biodegradable plastic bags?

Jean Miles, Klemzig
Hello there! First post etc., but I ran into this comm through heard_of_it and thought it to be an absolutely marvelous idea. Anyway.

For a while now I've had the idea of writing your typical fantasy novel with all the tropes and cliches it comes along with - except entirely from the villain's perspective. The villain overthrows the old rightful king - maybe he's the brother of the king or some unscrupulous official - and proceeds to scheme from his palace of evil as he does things like send goons after the hero of light and tax the people unfairly. My thought was to make him fit the stereotype and yet ultimately be more sympathetic than the hero (or it could be a woman, but these types are usually men).

The closest I've ever seen to something like this was The Dark Lord of Derkholm, which (while being a great book) was about a man who played the role of the Dark Lord rather than someone who was genuinely 'evil'.

I'm not going to say I've combed every fantasy novel ever written, but I've yet to run into it and this one is simply CRYING to be done. I've been mulling over it for a while but I keep getting bogged down in the execution (writing away from the typical seat of action and basically just sitting in a castle all the time... I'm sure there's a way to do it, but I can't figure it out).

Anyway, I thought I'd share it, to see if anyone else is intrigued by the idea.


More Livejournal Comm Ideas

1. Equipment/instrument information for start-up musicians/noise-makers/bands, etc.
I'm looking for a place that I can ask about actual matters of recording equipment and amps, synths, instruments, stores/websites to get these things, etc., but all I can find are communities where people discuss indie rock or garage bands or somesuch thing.

2. A community that is into electrical tinkering––maybe like a robotics community, but for making a variety of nifty useful things? Or if not crafty, just plain discussing/information about electrical/mechanical matters. I'm thinking of projects that involve little motors, wires, switches, etc.

A community devoted to Discworld fanfic, particularly with a focus on slash (Vimes/Vetinari, Vimes/Carrot, etc.)

webcomic discussion comms that are not either entirely devoted to on particular comic, or are not populated by webcomic artists? I'd like to be able to discuss a variety of comics with fellow readers in one place.


Council Housing

Council Housing, instead of being in big estates of blocks of council flats (I'm thinking in the UK) should be spread over the country. Preferably a few smaller blocks of flats (two story sorts of things) rather than one big one. This would cut down on the crime stereotype, and cut down on actual crime, integrate them in with the rest of society, be a nicer setting, be easier to manage property care wise, etc. Keeping one class of people together who need help, is never a good way to fix their problems and get them to get better.

High fantasy/sword and sorcery plot ideas

I talked to the mod about this, and she said it was okay to ask for ideas rather than give them, as long as it's not constantly. So I figured I'd go ahead and post this.

I'm looking for (hopefully somewhat detailed- paragraph length or so) story ideas for high fantasy/sword and sorcery stories. I have various basic ideas but nothing too detailed. A lot of them are kinda questionable, too, and that's probably due to lack of ideas/detail.

Here are some examples of what I'm looking for. They can be story starters, they can be just basic ideas...whatever.

-Girl discovered by a group of people and she doesn't remember who she is. Finds out that she's befriended the enemies who caused her memory loss. (This is one of the questionable ones.)

-The snow crunched beneath her feet as she climbed the hill. Whens he reached the top, she stared at the sight she saw.

Not the greatest of examples, but I hope it kinda helps. Anyone have any ideas?

European Nomad

I've had an idea for quite some time, ever since learning about nomads and gypsies, I've wanted to be a nomad myself.  At the moment, I'm an 18 year old, registered for college on the West Coast of the United States.  I'm incredibly excited for college, so obviously going to Europe and traveling wherever the wind takes me is not in the cards right now.  After college, and maybe saving up enough money for the initial flight there some supplies... well I'd like to travel around the UK, Ireland, Scotland and some other pretty places with good company.  

Someone should do this.  I dunno, I love this idea.  It might not be smart, it might be a little crazy even, but it sounds fantastic.  I've always wanted to see the world, and I think this would be such an amazing way to do so.  I've never left the country I live in, but really hope to do so some day.  However, not the touristy sort of stuff most people see.  Oh, sure, I'd love to stand in the rain under Big Ben, or visit the Colleseum at dawn, but I want to do more than that.  See the world on my terms. 

If someone likes this idea, and considers it, let me know!  ^_^


Some Livejournal Comm Ideas

Every now and then I'll go through the posts in 'community_quest', and see which ones have not been answered, and then suggest them here. Maybe some of you would like to fill the hole and create something that fits it!

I'd like to find any community on any subject that correspond to these two criteria: it's 1) active, and 2) in Latvian. Anyone knows of active Latvian communities? I know there are a number of communities about Latvia, were the posting is done mainly in English or Russian, but that's not what I'm looking for. Any suggestions? Thank you.

There have been a few grey's anatomy music communities, however none of them have been kept up and updated regularly at all. The mods aren't doing anything, and I'm having withdrawals. Can someone please re-create a NEW music from Grey's Anatomy community or Grey's Soundtrack community. The music to the series has been awesome, and I'd hate to see nobody keep up a regularly updated one.

im just looking for a community where you can just talk about Everyday Life About anything....

there are 9,000,000 wedding planning communities out there, I know.

is there one based on using information technology for wedding planning? databases, websites, resources, for tech-savvy brides and grooms to be? stuff to make your computer do the work for you?

Does anybody know if there is a community specfically for getting your term/school papers proofread by others?

I'll be back with more later.

Random Community

Livejournal now has a 'random journal' link to click, that brings up a random journal (obviously). I think that they should have a 'random community' button. It would really help out some of those smaller comms, make it easier for people to just 'randomly find things', etc. The comm owners could have an opt in/opt out button in their community profiles, for if it's a community just for a select group of people for example, and they wouldn't want people to randomly find them.

Milk Bottles

In Australia, we have mainly milk cartons, which we have to go and buy in the supermarket. I think that we should have milkmen like in England, where they come around, drop off milk that you want, in glass bottles. Then they collect the used bottles afterwards. These bottles would be washed, and reused. No melting down, which is wasteful and pointless. It would be so much better for the environment than disposeable cardboard. I realise that not everywhere is it possible to have a milkman, therefore, you should be able to buy milk in glass bottles (not even necessarily the little british pint ones) at the supermarket, and when you go back another time, be able to give back your bottles for say, a partial refund.